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Know Your Jeweler Before You Buy & Why You Should Buy From US!

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Know Your Jeweler Before You Buy

In today's market with the boom of the internet in the recent years and eCommerce stores popping up everyday, it makes it easier for consumers to sit at home and buy just about anything they want from brands across the globe!  Knowing the company before you make your purchase is a MUST!

It has recently come to our attention that even some successful online companies that use platforms like Etsy, eBay & Amazon that specialize in engagement rings, are not even taking part in the actual build process of their jewelry!  Some of these jewelry companies are just great marketing companies that outsources all of their work to other companies to have their jewelry made.  Some have even purchased jewelers tools to make themselves look like a real jeweler.  It was a huge shock when we stumbled across these companies recently!  

Port City Jewelers has over 35 years combined experience so we kinda know our stuff!  There is not anything we cannot take on or have made for our customers!  Oh and we do our own work!  Just ask yourself this, do you want the company that you have been communicating with to actually be the ones to make your ring or would you like that company to contract it out to another company? I think I know the answer to that question.  I would want the company that I was communicating with to actually build the ring or jewelry I was wanting.  

There are some ways though that you can validate your jeweler.  Here are a few below.

How To Validate Your Jeweler

There are many ways you can validate the jeweler you are thinking about working with!

1) Have them send you some pictures of their recent builds.  Ask for images of the CAD Renderings, Wax Model, rough casting, polishing, rhodium plating, steam cleaning and stones being set!  This will validate that they are the ones doing the work.

2) Ask the company how long they have been in the jewelry business and what are some of the most difficult builds they have completed recently.  Ask for their resume of sorts and interview that company before you start working with them.

3) Are they on Social Media?  Do they post pictures of the behind the scenes type content?  Do they post how each one of their rings or jewelry items are made or do they just post completed rings on their social media accounts?  Are they able to give you picture or video content of their build process?  

4) Does the company offer a repair service on site if problems occur down the road?  If the company built your jewelry themselves then they can definitely repair your ring for you if problems arise down the road.

How Is Their Customer Service?

I get emails from customers each day asking me all kinds of different questions and that is good, because I believe that our customers need to be educated before they make their decision.  Educating our customers is our #1 Priority!  Port City Jewelers has over 35 Years combined experience in this amazing business!  We will definitely be able to answer any of your questions.  We usually respond rather quickly :-)

Do They Offer A Warranty?

Here at Port City Jewelers when you design a Moissanite Engagement Ring with us we GIVE YOU FREE, a 5 year warranty on any accent side stones (which includes diamonds, moissanite or gemstones) in case one may fall out due to reasonable wear and tear.  Other companies out there only give you a 1 year warranty on loss of stones.  Your center Moissanite is warrantied through the Moissanite Brands like Charles & Colvard, NEO or Eternal Moissanite.  Our jeweler has years of experience in jewelry design, Casting, Setting Stones and repair, so when your dream ring is finished, you will be able to wear it proudly without worry!

Our Moissanite brands we carry all offer their own warranty, but the NEO has the best warranty in the market!  They warranty chipping, clouding, scratches & even the color!  Our Eternal Moissanite covers the color and also clouding, chipping & scratches....which will never happen by the way!  Moissanite is AWESOME like that!  

If we can help answer any questions or educate you in any way please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.  



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