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Custom Design  

Custom Designed Jewelry & Engagement Rings





1)  Contact Us To Share Your Idea's

910-338-9751 or sales@portcityjewelers.com


2)  Port City Jewelers will go to work and create a unique design using CAD (computer imaging) based off your (The Customer's) idea's!  All our CAD designs are done in house by our master craftsman with over 35 years of experience! 


3)  Review your design and finalize it

We will send you an email with the design concept for approval. Below is a short little video of a ring we recently created and what you can expect to receive for your design concept.



4)  Order your ring

We will either place a link for purchase on our website or send an invoice to your email address.  





Port City Jewelers is one of very few jewelry designers anywhere to use computer modeling in house. Your jewelry is created with a sophisticated 3-D modeling program called Rhino Gold and a lifelike render (image) is created and emailed to you. If you love it, great! We'll proceed. If you want to make some changes, we do that right in the program. When the design is perfect, a precise wax model is printed on our state of the art 3D printer.  The CAD Design is sent to the 3D Printer where it is printed based off all the specifications previously discussed in your final design consultation.

Here is a couple of 3D printed waxes for example:



To cast your jewelry we first put the 3D printed wax into a cylinder and fill it with a special plaster. It goes into the kiln overnight, melting the wax out of the cylinder and leaving a perfect negative impression of your jewelry. Then we put the cylinder into our casting equipment, light the torch, melt the metal to shoot it into the mold! It's a dramatic and fun process to watch. Next, your jewelry has an initial polishing, gems and diamonds are set, pieces are assembled, and a second polish is given before final inspection. We want it to be perfect! It's quite a process and one that we take very seriously. Every step and detail is so important and we want to give you the perfect piece!

Here is an image of a few rings casted in one batch:




Disclaimer: Port City Jewelers does not condone or take part in copyright infringement and respects the rights of other retailers intellectual copyrights and designs. Port City Jewelers will not out right copy or re-produce copyrighted items by persons or brands! If you send Port City Jewelers a design from one of our competitors we cannot and will not re-produce the exact copy of that design. Port City Jewelers will go to work with our own CAD design software and create you a similar design. Port City Jewelers does not have the ability to copy any items or jewelry items based off an image and have it be 100% exactly like the image. Port City Jewelers cannot load an image into our CAD design software to create an exact copy of the design image you the customer may send us. By contacting us you are in compliance with this disclaimer

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