Eternal Moissanite & All The Benefits From Buying Moissanite From US!

Eternal Moissanite & All The Benefits From Buying Moissanite From US!

Posted by Port City Jewelers on Aug 24th 2017

Eternal Moissanite & Why You Should Buy Moissanite From US!

In September of 2015 the Patent on faceting silicone carbide (Moissanite) into gemstones ended! The monopoly on this little gem lasted for 17 years!

So what is Eternal Moissanite?

Eternal Moissanite is Port City Jewelers' brand of Moissanite!  We own the name and the rights to Eternal Moissanite.  Eternal Moissanite is priced much lower than our competition out there which makes us really affordable.  How do we have the better pricing you ask?  Eternal Moissanite is not sourced from a wholesale company.  Below is a chart to better explain how a traditional markup strategy would play out from manufacture to the end customer and how we are different than most other jewelers out there today.


Other Reasons Why BIG BRANDS are more expensive:

Jewelers online or even the rare brick and mortar stores that sell other brands of Moissanite like Forever One Moissanite must go through a wholesale company to purchase their Moissanite.  For example, retail jewelers that sell Forever One Moissanite by Charles & Colvard cannot buy Moissanite directly from Charles & Colvard at wholesale prices.  Jewelers must go to one of their authorized wholesale companies like for example.  Stuller is a HUGE wholesale company that specializes in many different aspects of the jewelry business and they have been around for over 30 years!  Stuller is an authorized re-seller of Charles & Colvard Moissanite.  They will buy from Charles & Colvard and take their markup to to resale to jewelers like us who in turn take an additional markup for their retail customers. This is just one of the reasons that BIG brands are more expensive than our Eternal Moissanite!  You are also paying the Big Brands high marketing expense which is factored into the price of each Moissanite stone. 

So What Makes Eternal Moissanite® Different?

Well to start, we offer the VERY BEST Moissanite Pricing...PERIOD.  Our Eternal Moissanite® is priced 15-25% lower than our competitors on average, sometimes even more depending on the shape.

Eternal Moissanite® is also VERY DIAMOND LIKE in all the different shapes and sizes.  We have spent hours upon hours perfecting each cut with our manufacture.  Our Eternal Moissanite also performs really well in all types of lighting conditions.  We have a TON of video content on our Instagram page (link below).

We offer just about any cut shape and size in the market today! Each Eternal Moissanite® is cut to order, which means you don't have to worry about a certain shape or size being out of stock! Some brands out there are having a hard time keeping up with demand and will run out of stock at times for months on end.  Most times we can have certain shapes and sizes in the office within 2-4 days.  Some larger shapes and fancy shapes might take up to 7-10 days to arrive to our offices from our cutter.

How Is Eternal Moissanite Made?

Eternal Moissanite uses a 4H crystalline polytype Silicon which allows Eternal Moissanite to produce the best "diamond like" Moissanite on the market without any compromises on quality.  

Each Eternal Moissanite gem undergoes extensive quality control process's where each rough crystal is checked for impurities.  Eternal Moissanite gem's are all VVS1 Comparable.  

Once the Eternal Moissanite rough gem has been through its QC we then facet or cut your Eternal Moissanite to the desired shape & size while maintaining an excellent polish.  Our gems are cut just like high end diamonds are created with zero compromises!

After your Eternal Moissanite is faceted we then send it off for heat treatment to lock in the color and hardness for the life of the Moissanite! 

After final inspection your Eternal Moissanite is set in your new ring or jewelry design created by Port City Jewelers.  

If you have any questions please contact us anytime!

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