Professional Custom Design & The Best Moissanite Pricing! PERIOD!

Professional Custom Design & The Best Moissanite Pricing! PERIOD!

Posted by Port City Jewelers on Mar 8th 2017

Professional Custom Design & The Best Moissanite Pricing...PERIOD!

This will be kind of a short little blog post! I get emails everyday from clients that inquire about either designing a ring or purchasing loose Moissanite. They all ask different questions and we love to answer all of them :-). We absolutely LOVE to help our customers become more knowledgable about Moissanite and our Custom design process.


When sending us a quote request, please include the following:

1) Any supporting images or sketches that you can send us is really helpful. We cannot 100% duplicate copyrighted designs, but we can come really close. Most times we can make changes to the design to make it even more beautiful. If you have an idea and haven't spoken with any jewelers yet, we would love to create you a one of kind piece!

2) If you have been quoted a price with another jeweler we would love to earn your business. Just send us an email with what you've been quoted with the other jeweler. We will get right to work and get you a quote asap.


Port City Jewelers has over 35+ combined years of experience in creating truly 1 of a kind engagement rings! We do everything in house at Port City Jewelers when it comes to custom design unlike other jewelers out there.  This allows us to keep our prices lower than our competition.  As your ring is being built with Port City Jewelers we give you the behind the scenes picture and video content of your build.  We love to take our customers with us while we build your dream ring!  Some companies out there are not able to offer this type of content to you, because they actually do not handle the labor part of your build.  Most online companies out there today will have access to design programs such as Stuller's counter sketch.  Stuller is a huge company that offers wholesale pricing of jewelry related goods to members of the jewelry trade.  They even have a full time custom shop on site!  Once the jeweler online creates your design it is then sent to Stuller.  Stuller actually builds the ring from the ground up and sends it back to the jeweler so they can send it their customer.  This process cost a lot of money and that is always passed off to the customer.  The company that you ordered your ring from does not cast your ring, they do not set your stones or even polish and finish out the ring at all.  They may have ordered some jewelers tools to make them appear like they are a jeweler, but they are not.  

Now this is not true of all online jewelers out there today!  If you challenge most of the companies out there offering custom design to send you picture and video content of the ring build they will most of the time be more than happy to send that along.  I challenge our customers to shop around and see for your self!  Ask the company that you want to do business with to give you content of the build process!  Also ask yourself, do you want the actual company you ordered your custom ring from to make it for you or do you want another company you have no rapport with to make your dream ring for you? 

Why we are different:

Port City Jewelers does all their custom design work in house!  We DO NOT have to pay ANY company labor fees, casting fee's or CAD design fee's! There are a few companies that we have noticed out there that do not actually build the rings they say they are designing. They may draw up an image or computer image but they do not actually take part in the build process.  Port City Jewelers does all their work in house!

We do have an account with Stuller and use them quite a bit!  However we have NEVER used Stuller for our custom designed rings and will never use them for that service.  Port City Jewelers uses stuller to order raw metal casting grain to create our rings and also any accent diamonds, gemstones or anything needed.  Our Moissanite we use is sourced from Wholesale Moissanite, who also owns the NEO Moissanite brand!  Oh and they are only 2 hours down the road.  Can you say ROAD TRIP SOON!  Yes!

This is just one of the reasons we are able to offer our customers awesome pricing when it comes to custom design.  We also believe that you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to afford your dream ring!  That is why our motto is "creating memories with beautiful jewelry!"


Disclaimer: Port City Jewelers does not condone or take part in copyright infringement and respects the rights of other retailers intellectual copyrights and designs. Port City Jewelers will not out right copy or re-produce copyrighted items by persons or brands! If you send Port City Jewelers a design from one of our competitors we cannot and will not re-produce the exact copy of that design. Port City Jewelers will go to work with our own CAD design software and create you a similar design. Port City Jewelers does not have the ability to copy any items or jewelry items based off an image and have it be 100% exactly like the image. Port City Jewelers cannot load an image into our CAD design software to create an exact copy of the design image you the customer may send us. By contacting us you are in compliance with this disclaimer

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