The BEST Moissanite Pricing & CUSTOM DESIGN!

Posted by Port City Jewelers on Jan 26th 2017

This will be a short little blog post today....

Port City Jewelers is proud to say that we have the ability to offer the best pricing on all your loose Moissanite and engagement ring purchase's!  We have very close relationships with our vendors which allows us to get the very best pricing.

Here are a few more examples of how we can help you save more of your hard earned money!

1)  Port City Jewelers has very little overhead unlike other brick & Mortar stores in your area!  These stores keep high amounts of inventory and TONS of bills like payroll, rent, electric, marketing and the list goes on and on!

2)  We have really close relationships with our vendors we use and they give us AWESOME pricing!  Since we do not have high overhead, we do not need to mark up our products like other stores!  The term "jewelry is expensive," just doesn't resonate with us!

3)  All of our Custom Designed merchandise is created IN HOUSE!  Our jeweler has over 20+ years of experience, using sophisticated 3D modeling programs like Rhino Gold & Counter Sketch!  Coupled with our state of the art 3D WAX resin printer we are able to create ANY design out there today!  We can even MASHUP designs!  For example if you like the center of one ring and the shank (side of ring) on another we can MASH the two designs together to create your masterpiece.  Some companies out there outsource all their Custom Work which makes their COST'S go up!  Since Port City Jewelers does all their CUSTOM DESIGNS in house we are able to keep labor cost VERY LOW!  If you have looked at a design online somewhere like Etsy or even in a store and you just have a picture of it on your hand, we can re-create it for you and make it BETTER!

If you have a ring that you have fallen in love with, please head over to our CUSTOM DESIGN page and send us an email with the image or the link to the item online.  We will get you an affordable quote ASAP!  

Have a super day!

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Disclaimer: Port City Jewelers does not condone or take part in copyright infringement and respects the rights of other retailers intellectual copyrights and designs. Port City Jewelers will not out right copy or re-produce copyrighted items by persons or brands! If you send Port City Jewelers a design from one of our competitors we cannot and will not re-produce the exact copy of that design. Port City Jewelers will go to work with our own CAD design software and create you a similar design. Port City Jewelers does not have the ability to copy any items or jewelry items based off an image and have it be 100% exactly like the image. Port City Jewelers cannot load an image into our CAD design software to create an exact copy of the design image you the customer may send us. By contacting us you are in compliance with this disclaimer

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