The Best Priced Moissanite On The NET!  Why does Port City Jewelers have the best priced Moissanite? Eternal Moissanite!

The Best Priced Moissanite On The NET! Why does Port City Jewelers have the best priced Moissanite? Eternal Moissanite!

Posted by Port City Jewelers on Mar 13th 2018

Ok so theres a lot of Moissanite brands out there today!  You may be asking yourself a ton of different questions right..?  Well this post will definitely help answer some of those for you might have about why Port City Jewelers has the best quality and best priced Moissanite on the NET!  Below are just a few.....

1)  Why are there so many different brands out there now?

One of the main reasons is jewelers like us want to differentiate themselves from their competition.  Another reason is "some" jewelers want to give their customers better pricing on Moissanite.  However, most jewelers on the NET have no real experience in selecting the correct suppliers for their businesses as they are mostly newbies in the industry.  Port City Jewelers has over 50+ years of jewelry experience working in the corporate world and also self employed.  We have worked and networked with tons of suppliers, companies and jewelry professionals over the years which kinda makes us experts in this field.  We do not just choose any supplier to work with.  We choose the suppliers that can deliver us exceptional quality time and time again!  We keep our prices on our Moissanite the lowest in the market but also maintaining our high quality standards!  Port City Jewelers does not believe in overcharging our customers for their Moissanite purchases like some jewelers out there do.  We believe Moissanite should be affordable and obtainable!  

2)  Which Moissanite Brand Is Most Diamond Like?

Might get a little technical... :-)

This is kind of a loaded question, because Moissanite is a gem of its self.  Diamonds are made of up purely carbon where as Moissanite are made of Silicone & Carbon in our 4H Crystal's.  We work really closely with our cutters to obtain the closest diamond like Moissanite on the market!  This is mostly due to the proportions of each Moissanite gem and also the quality of the crystal rough that is produced.  When we speak of proportions we are talking about the cut quality of the the Moissanite gem.  When speaking about diamonds the most desirable cut quality in a diamond is "ideal."  Ideal cut diamonds will have a depth percentage of 59%-60%.  The depth percentage of a gem is measured from the table facet to the culet.  This allows the facets of a diamond to reflect the most amount of light back out of the diamond.  We also do our due diligence for our Eternal Moissanite "diamond cut" rounds!  Since Moissanite is more brilliant and has more dispersion than diamonds do, we work closely with the cutter to help tone down the high dispersion of Moissanite resulting in a more "DIAMOND LIKE" Moissanite.  We believe that most of our customers are wanting a more "diamond like" Moissanite, since we get this question on our Instagram page just about daily.  

3)  How is Port City Jeweler's Moissanite prices better than other companies out there?

That question is simple with a few answers.  Firstly we believe that Moissanite should not be priced like you are buying a diamond!  We have noticed a few companies out there on the NET selling their Moissanite for crazy prices!  Port City Jewelers does not overprice their Moissanite brands!  We keep our prices lower than our competition!  Secondly we believe in making your dream ring a reality!  We want our customers to be able to get that look they have dreamed of without having to think twice.  Lastly, "price does not relate to quality!"  If you have been looking online for Moissanite for some time, then you have noticed that big price differences out there.  Price does not always suggest that quality is either less or better than other brands.  Like we previously stated, Port City Jewelers believes in bringing our customers the very best quality Moissanite at the very best price!  

4)  There are other brands that you don't sell.  Why is that?

We choose to sell only the brands that we can get behind and have full faith in!  We choose to sell 2 major brands!  One being Charles & Colvard and the other brand being NEO Moissanite!  Both of these brands are great quality and deliver exceptional fire and brilliance.  Now with that said we have been approached by a couple of other major brands and even some independent brands.  However, we choose to decline for two reasons.  One of those reasons being the quality is just not as good as the brands we sell at Port City Jewelers!  Some of the other brands are even more expensive than our current prices.  So thats a no go for us!  The second reason is, just how many brands do you have to sell?  Could you imagine the pricing differences and products we would have to list on our site if we sold 6 different brands of Moissanite.  Insane right?  We choose to sell only the best while maintaining the best prices in the market!   


To further help your decision you can read more about our Eternal Moissanite in our previous blog post.  Also, we have numerous videos on our INSTAGRAM page.  You can also EMAIL us anytime with any question you may have!

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