Masonic Jewelry

How do I figure out my ring size?
We strongly suggest that you visit a local professional jeweler and have the finger sized with a standard ring sizer. If this is a gift for a loved one, we suggest taking a ring that you know fits them, and have it sized by a professional jeweler. These rings ARE NOT comfort fit unless specified.

Open back vs solid back

What's the difference between open back and solid back?
Open back rings contain less metal than solid back rings. We have included two pictures to demonstrate what an open back ring looks like. Solid back rings are more durable and less prone to bending / deformation over time. A "smooth back" ring has a small opening diirectly underneath the stone. The smooth back ring is 3/4 solid back.
What if I want to return my masonic ring?
We apologize but Masonic rings and jewelry are made to order and cannot be returned.  We can guarantee however you will love your new jewelry!
How large can you make a masonic ring?
Sterling silver masonic rings may be manufactured as large as finger size 14. Most 10kt and 14kt gold rings can be made up to a size 15.5. We regret we CANNOT make rings larger than these stated sizes.
I need to make a change to a ring I just ordered. Is this possible?
If you ordered within the last 48 hours, we can make any change you require. However, if the ring has already entered our manufacturing stage, you must CANCEL the order and place a NEW order.
I lost my ring. Can you replace it?
If you purchased the ring through, we have your order information on file. We can manufacture a new ring accordingly. Contact us for more details so we may make payment arrangements with you.
Will the metal tarnish or fade? Will it turn my finger green?
Customers with metal allergies should avoid vermeil rings. Vermeil rings are gold-plated rings. Our sterling silver and solid 10kt / 14kt gold rings will not fade or turn your finger green under normal conditions.
What is vermeil?
Pronounced "VER-MAY", vermeil is gold plating over solid sterling silver [.925]. We use 22kt yellow gold plating. The heavy gold electro plating is at least 2 1/2 microns thick. Vermeil rings are an affordable alternative to solid gold rings. Please note, vermeil rings are NOT for every day use. Over time the yellow gold plating will peel and need to be replaced.

Because the gold does not adhere fully to the silver, the silver continues to tarnish under the gold. Any vermeil ring or pendant will darken with age. Since vermeil is electro-plated, not fused like gold-filled, the plating will eventually wear off. This usually happens in a year or two. It takes longer to wear off than costume gold-plate because the plating on vermeil is considerably thicker than that on costume jewelry.

Also, vermeil rings cannot be sized at your local jeweler without damaging the ring. Please send the ring back to us for sizing at the original manufacturer's facility.

Which metals are available?
Masonic rings & jewelry are available in vermeil, sterling silver, 10kt yellow gold, and 14kt yellow gold. 10kt and 14kt white gold rings and pendants are available via special order. Please add 10% to the sale price for a white gold ring or pendant. Special order rings and pendants are non-cancellable and non-returnable. We regret that 18kt, 22kt and 24kt gold rings are not available at this time.
What is the manufacturer's warranty?
The warranty varies according to the watch style you purchase.

Bulova Limited 3-year Warranty 
Your new Bulova timepiece is warranted only to the original owner by Bulova for 3 years from date of purchase.

Coverage: The warranty covers parts of the watch that have failed due to original defects in materials or workmanship under normal use, or, Bulova at its option, will replace the watch with a comparable watch. This warranty does not cover: 

  • Periodic Service and Maintenance for Mechanical Bulova watches; 
  • Damage resulting from improper handling, abnormal use, alteration, negligence or lack of care of the watch;
  • Normal wear and tear and aging including deterioration and scratches to the watch finish (case, bracelet, crown or crystal); 
  • The battery, crystal or strap; 
  • Water damage if the model is not marked "water-resistant" and moisture or water damage to watches which are improperly resealed after opening of the case.

Improperly or incorrectly performed Service and Maintenance, repairs or servicing voids the warranty. Any Service and Maintenance, repairs or servicing which requires opening of the case, must be performed by a properly qualified technician, preferably an Authorized Bulova Dealer, or by the Bulova Corporation.

All implied warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability is limited to the duration of the expressed limited warranty. Bulova is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages, and any recovery may not exceed the amount paid for the watch. This warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other rights which vary from state to state, so the limitations in this warranty may not apply to you.

Caravell by Bulova Warranty
Your new Caravelle timepiece is warranted to the owner for two full years from date of purchase. The warranty covers any and all parts of the watch that may need repair due to defects in materials or workmanship under normal use. Bulova's obligations hereunder are limited to repair or replacement at its option. The warranty excludes the battery, strap and excessive wear or damage to the case, crystal or bracelet, and does not protect against water damage if the model is not marked water-resistant. Bulova is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages, and any recovery may not exceed the amount paid for the timepiece. All implied warranties, including that of merchantability, are limited to two years. This warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other rights which vary from state to state, so the limitations in this paragraph may not apply to you.

Which masonic emblems do you offer?

Masonic Ring Emblems

Select ring styles offer various side emblems. Here is a glossary. 

#1 Plumb - Blue Lodge 3rd Degree
#2 Trowel - Blue Lodge 3rd Degree
#3 Square & Compass - Blue Lodge 3rd Degree
#4 Square & Compass - Blue Lodge 3rd Degree
#5 Square & Compass - Blue Lodge 3rd Degree
#6 Double Eagle Scottish Rite
#7 Yod 14th Degree
#8 Yod Sublime Prince
#9 Rose Croix - Scottish Rite
#10 Yod & 32
#11 Double Eagle with Yod
#12 Double Eagle with 32
#13 33rd Degree
#14 Prince of Jerusalem
#15 Past Master
#16 Gavel
#17 Top Hat
#18 Mystic Shrine
#19 Fez
#20 Camel
#21 Billiken - Royal Order of Jesters
#22 Knights of Templar Commandery
#23 Royal Arch
#24 Cross & Crown Commandery
#25 Triple Tau - York Rite
#26 Knights of Columbus - 3rd Degree
#27 Knights of Columbus - 4th Degree
#28 Knights of Columbus
#29 Skull
#30 Elk
#31 Cervus Alces
#32 BPOE
#33 LOOM
#34 PAP
#35 Past Master High Priest (York Rite)


I need a special emblem made. Is this possible?
Yes. A minimum of 100 [100] rings must be ordered at the same time. The set-up fee for the metal-die and manufacture of a special custom emblem is $400.00. Please allow an additional three to four weeks for delivery.
When should I expect the ring?
Each personalized masonic ring requires between three to four weeks for manufacturing. Please note that custom emblem orders and white gold orders require an additional two weeks for the metal casting. This means five to six weeks total manufacturing time. The shipping method you choose for the ring determines the delivery time. We offer Next Day Air delivery, 2nd Day Delivery, and Ground Delivery (3 to 7 days). As soon as the ring ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation at the email address you provided for the purchase.
May I pay extra for rush orders?
No. All rings are made to order. In some cases rings are shipped as quickly as two weeks, but we cannot guarantee manufacturing will require less time than four weeks. Please note, masonic accessories & pendants usually ship within one to two business days of receiving your order.
Where can rings be sent?
We're pleased to ship to every 50 states addressed in the U.S.A., plus Guam and Puerto Rico and Canada. Also, we cannot ship to APO and FPO address. Sorry, we CANNOT ship to P.O. Boxes in the U.S.A.
The ring isn't here and it's been more than six weeks. What can I do?
Please contact us immediately by email or by phone at 1-910-231-8078, 10am-5pm [EST Standard Time] Monday-Friday.
I damaged the ring. What are my options?
Please contact us to obtain a Return Authoriziation Number (RAN#). The fee is variable for total remakes if ring is damaged beyond repair. We will reply by the end of the next business day.
My ring doesn't fit me anymore. How much is re-sizing?
Sizing is $60 on masonc rings. Please contact us to make arrangements.
I don't like the stone anymore. What are my options?
You can send it in for servicing. The fee is $120 for stone changes.
I have an antique masonic ring and would like to re-create it. Can you help?
No, the only masonic rings we sell are presented online. We suggest you contact the original retailer for more information.

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