The Annabelle Ring Series - NEO Moissanite Engagement Ring - 1CT Round

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Production Time Is 4-5 Weeks
1.00 LBS
The Annabelle Ring Series  - NEO Moissanite Engagement Ring - 1CT Round
Center Stone 6.5mm = 1CT NEO Moissanite G-H -Round Diamond Cut
Side Stones N/A
Clarity N/A
Color N/A
Metal 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold
Warranty NEO Moissanite Lifetime Warranty

The Annabelle Ring Series is highly customizable and can be made in many different metal types, colors, stone cuts, and even inside ring engraving.  Just contact us today and we will get you a quote on your options you would like.

- This Item is part of our custom jewelry policy.

- Please allow 4-5 weeks for production / Custom made to order.


Example Of the NEO's BRILLIANCE & FIRE!




Neo Moissanite is grown and faceted in a way that allows us to create the exact look that the end buyer is looking to mimic. NEO Moissanite is the true conflict-free and ethical option in today’s market. The NEO warranty is not limiting. It is far superior in that it offers its own exclusive damage replacement.


While rare on Earth, the NEO is remarkably common in space. It is a common form of stardust found around carbon-rich stars. The NEO is a 4H crystalline polytype, allowing for the cleanest and purest colorless rough crystal growth. The NEO outperforms the 6H polytype currently used in the market today.


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