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​Where To Buy NEO Moissanite? Three REASONS Why You Should Buy From Port City Jewelers & Save Your Hard Earned Money!

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Where To Buy NEO Moissanite? Three REASONS Why You Should Buy NEO Moissanite from Port City Jewelers!

Well you should really buy your NEO Moissanite from US! Why you ask? Well there are many reasons why you should buy from US and not the overpriced competition on the NET!

One reason is we will always have the BEST PRICED NEO Moissanite on the NET! Some NEO Moissanite out there on the NET is priced all over the place. Port City Jewelers believes that our customers should be able to afford their new Moissanite purchase(s). We surf the net weekly checking pricing on our competition and spend time doing a lot of research as well on the different companies out there. In our search we believe that we have the very best priced NEO Moissanite on the market! For example, there are some stores out there selling their NEO Moissanite 3CT = 9mm GH Color “Round Diamond Cut” gem for $1030.00 while for the exact same NEO Moissanite Gem, we are selling for $840.00. That is a $190 difference. That’s a huge difference for our customers! There are many many more examples of this kind of price swing out there on the NET! I implore our customers to shop around and see for your self!  You will see that Port City Jewelers has the best prices....PERIOD.  We only sell the very best NEO Moissanite quality available!  All the NEO Moissanite we sell is VS Clarity!  Each NEO Moissanite gem goes through a 3 step QC process at NEO Moissanite as well as our own QC process once we receive it in our office! 

Another reason why you should buy your NEO Moissanite from Port City Jewelers is, because our time to get your NEO in from WSM (Wholesale Moissanite, the owners of the NEO Moissanite Brand) is only usually a day or 2 since we are about 2 hours away from their offices. We generally do not keep a stock of NEO Moissanite on hand and order them as needed. For this reason we are also able to keep our prices lower since we are not trying to recoup our investment by marking up the NEO Moissanite to crazy prices! But rest assured that as soon as we get your beautiful new NEO Moissanite in the office we will get it turned right around to you sneaky fast! I don’t know about you but I would be willing to wait a couple more days to save $190.00 on a 3CT NEO rather than getting it “right now” and overpaying for your NEO Moissanite!

Oh and the last reason you should buy your NEO Moissanite from Port City Jewelers is we run a once a month NEO Moissanite sale where you can save an additional 10% off your NEO Moissanite purchase with coupon code THANKYOU! Just place that coupon code in the coupon code box during checkout. Your order total will reflect the new price, which is even lower than everyone out there!

Well there you have it! Three GREAT REASONS on why you should buy your NEO Moissanite from Port City Jewelers!

If you have any questions please get in touch with us! We would love to answer any question you may have. 



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