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Meet The Owner -- Port City Jewelers

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Hi there Jewelry lovers!  My name is Ivey Riggs and I am the owner of Port City Jewelers.  I am born and raised in Wilmington, NC!  I have a gorgeous wife and the cutest daughter ever....IMO!  I have always loved jewelry, even at a younger age.  It was always a treat to go into stores and stare through the cases with my mother admiring the gems and all the gold chains!  Gold chains like herringbones were a thing back in the day.  Heck even men wore gold chains and diamond rings.  I still do!  Growing up I can still remember the first time my parents bought me my first 14K gold rope chain!  I was so proud of it and wore it all the time, taking great care of it!  Long story short I have always loved jewelry!  Below I will outline my experience in this awesome business!  Sorry if I get to wordy, but I like to ramble a little.  If you have ever chatted with me on Instagram or email, you already know this.

Its been a wild ride since starting in the jewelry business over 15 years ago.  Seems like so long ago but looking back its gone by so fast too!  When I was just 20 I started in this amazing business.  I could not wait to get a job doing what ever was required of me in this business!  Believe it or not my very first day in the jewelry business was BLACK FRIDAY which was also my first day in the corporate world and in retail.  Boy was I in for the surprise of my life!  I was not ready for the large amount of people and all day on your feet!  However, I was loving engaging with all the different customers while helping them celebrate their occasions and complete their purchases.  I realized that each customer was celebrating different occasions and buying their loved ones like Christmas presents!  It was such a happy time of the year!  This is what HOOKED me into this business....the jewelry business!

As the first Christmas season was now over, I began training and learning everything I could possibly learn.  Now being in sales full time, I was having the time of my life! Helping customers was so much fun and in a huge way taking part in their celebrations was also very fulfilling.  Moving now just a couple years later, I was asked to run a store in Asheville, NC!  I was now 23 years old and I was managing my first jewelry store overseeing a staff of 8.  I could not of been more excited!  After the first 4 months of taking over the store, I was able to obtain the stores first quota in 2 years!  It was so exciting for my staff, myself and even the upper management (district managers).  I was receiving calls from all the District managers and even the VP of sales for the area!

I have worked for Stores such as Friedman's jewelers, Zales Jewelers (twice) and also a 5 Million dollar guild store, Reeds Jewelers in Wilmington, NC!  At Reeds Jewelers I sold Rolex, David Yurman, Tag Heuer & beautiful and rare diamonds alike!  About 5 years ago, I went into business for myself and opened up Port City Jewelers!  Moissanite has always been a love of mine, but working in corporate America I was unable to offer Moissanite to my customers!  The big box stores just did not carry it in their stores.  Moissanite is a very affordable so be aware of that when you are shopping around on the net or on social media!  Moissanite should be affordable and not priced like diamonds!  Here at Port City Jewelers we believe that engagement rings and jewelry should be affordable while maintaining our high standards and bringing exceptional quality to our beautiful customers!  Our Moto is, "Creating Memories With Beautiful Jewelry!"  We love each and everyone of our customers and enjoy taking part in celebrating in your milestones and occasions in your life!  

If you would like to learn more about Ivey Riggs (the owner) then please head on over to my Linkedin Profile below.


We look forward to hearing from you and what occasions we can help you celebrate!


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