How To Order A Class Ring

HOW TO ORDER A CLASS RING & Artcarved Brochure


ArtCarved Class Ring Brochure




Choosing The Right Ring

With a huge selection to choose from, rest assured you will find the ring that suits you. Traditional class rings offer side emblems and a signet style top. Fashion rings feature a stone, high school name and sleek sides.


Medalist Class Ring
Traditional class ring style
Seaswirl Class Ring
Fashion class ring style

Personalize Your Ring

Symbolize who you are, your interests and accomplishments with a class ring. Class rings offer your choice of stone styles and colors, metal types, emblems and engravings. Traditionalists favor the facet plain, smooth plain stone styles. Can't fit all of your activities on the ring? Try stone encrusting, which features a design on top of the stone. Class rings are available in a variety of metals, including stainless steel alloy, silver, white gold and yellow gold. Hundreds of side designs encompass sports, hobbies, music, art, and other interests and activities.

Anatomy of a Medalist ring
Anatomy of a Fashion ring


Replacing A Class Ring

Unless the ring was produced in the last ten years, chances are that the exact ring is no longer available. But don't despair, many of the class rings we sell are available with back year dates. A back year date is any date prior to the current year. Alumni can purchase a class ring at any time, as long as the school is still in existence. If the school has closed, we cannot provide you with a ring.

Home School Rings

Home schoolers rejoice, we offer rings for home school students. These rings offer home school wording around the stone: Medalist, Champion, Intrepid, triumph. Girls class rings with home school options: Celebrity, Stylist, Minuet, Petite. Choose from these wording options: "HOME EDUCATION, HOME SCHOOL, HOME SCHOOL HIGH"

Stone chart
How large is the boy's Medalist? How much does it weigh?
The dimensions vary slightly according to ring size. However, a size 11 boy's Medalist ring is 20mm across the widest part on top. 28mm from top of stone to bottom of ring shank. A boys medalist ring in 10k gold size 11 weighs approximately 17 grams. The Medalist and Triumph are our "large" boys rings. The "Intrepid" and "Champion" are the medium size rings.
How large is the Triumph?
The Triumph measures 18mm x 15mm across the top. 28mm from top of stone to bottom of ring shank. The simulated stones are 12mm x 10mm.
What is Siladium™?
Siladium is comparable to a fine jeweler's stainless steel. It contains 12% nickel. It polishes to a high white luster, is strong, durable and guaranteed for a lifetime.
What is Golden Siladium™?
Golden Siladium looks like karat gold, but without the price. It contains 12% nickel and is comparable to a fine jeweler's stainless steel. Another affordable alternative from ArtCarved! Available on select styles.
What is white Lazon™?
White Lazon™ is a silver toned, non-precious metal alloy. It contains nickel with chromium alloy. The specific alloy composition is subject to change.
What is yellow Lazon™?
Yellow Lazon™ is a gold toned, non-precious metal alloy. It contains nickel with chromium and coated with titanium nitrate and minute amounts of gold. Electrodeposition is used. Yellow Lazon™ is yellow in color because of coating with 23 karat yellow gold. The specific alloy composition is subject to change.
What is Silver Select™?
This metal is ArtCarved's state of the art invention (patent pending). Silver Select is harder than other tarnish-resistant silver metals and more precious than Sterling Silver. It has a brilliant white luster familiar to sterling silver buyers with added strength from platinum. It is 95% silver, and 5% copper and platinum alloy.
What is SilverXT™?
A precious metal alloy composed of 76% silver, 10% platinum, and 14% other metal alloy. No nickel! SilverXT™ is coated with rhodium plating which provides protection to help minimize tarnish and scratches. SilverXT™ contains platinum so the metal is highly durable with a brilliant shine.
What is AmberXT™?
A metal alloy composed of 17% gold, 21% silver, and 62% other metals. Amber XT™ DOES NOT contain nickel. The metal alloy is yellow throughout and is not plated. It is a brighter, more lustrious finish than the yellow Lazon™. Amber XT is a radiant yellow 6K alloy. Amber XT is a solid yellow metal that offers another affordable alternative to yellow gold. This dazzling metal combines affordability, beauty and durability, so memories will last a lifetime. Amber XT™ is also covered by Gold Lance's Lifetime Limited Warranty and Ring Protection plan.
Is 10Kt harder than 14Kt or 18Kt? What do most people order?
24Kt gold is pure but too soft to use, so it is mixed with other metals to strengthen it. 18Kt is 75% pure. It is the European standard. 14Kt is the most popular choice in the U.S.; however, 10Kt is an affordable, beautiful alternative.
What is an Antique Finish?
A dark background brings out the polished details. It is the most popular finish. Please consult the chart below to determine the antiquing color used for the metal type chosen



Medalist class ring
  Golden Siladium
ArtCarved Yellow Gold rings


What is a Natural Finish?
Natural Finish is as beautiful as the Antique Finish, but without the dark background. This option is lovely with more subtle detailing, and is available on select styles in Silver Select, 10Kt, 14Kt and 18Kt gold.
What is the two-tone metal option on the Crestline ring?
The Crestline Series offers Legacy and Heirloom in two-tone metals as well as all gold or all Siladium. Siladium Two-tone is a Siladium ring with a 10K base that features the year date. A Yellow Gold Two-tone features a 10Kt, 14Kt or 18Kt Yellow Gold ring with a Siladium base. A white gold two-tone features a 10Kt or 14Kt white gold ring with a 10Kt Yellow Gold base and a Siladium Crest. 
Two Tone Legacy ring
Can a crest ring come in Natural Finish?
No, due to the unique design of our crest rings they are available only with an Antique Finish.
Do you carry college rings?
Yes, for select schools. 
Can I order a ring without a school name?
Yes. High School rings are available without school names. A special diamond or star-shaped design may be used in place of the school name. The words "High School" may also be used.
Can I order a ring with custom wording around the stone?
Yes. High School rings are available with custom wording around the stone instead of a high school name. The maximum length is 40 characters (letters and spaces combined). The maximum length for the inner bezel spellout on the Patriot ring is 20 characters (letters and spaces combined). Please note, there is a $99.00 spell-out fee for custom wording. 

Custom word character limits are different for the following ladies' high school class ring styles: 

Celebrity: 35
Minuet: 32
Petite: 32
Horizon: 40
Fantasia: 32
Stylist: 35
Sun Star: 30
Wishes: 32
Can I order a ring with a back year date? 1988 for example?
Yes. All class rings are available with back year dates for a nominal charge, as long as the school is still in existence.
I need to replace a ring from years ago. Can you supply the original ring from the year I graduated?
No. We cannot offer you exact replicas or replacements for rings made years ago. However, many of our ring styles have been in production for decades, and all rings are available with BACK DATES for a nominal charge, as long as the school is still in existence.
What if I go to home school?
We offer the option of the following spellouts: "Home School", "Home Education" and "Home School High".
Who is ArtCarved?
ArtCarved is one of the most respected names in jewelry today. Founded in New York in 1850, ArtCarved began as a manufacturer of high-quality and uniquely styled wedding bands and engagement rings. They first entered the class ring business in 1920, bringing to it their expertise as makers of fine gold and platinum jewelry. Since that time, ArtCarved has emerged as the class ring industry innovator, bringing more new styles, features and options to high school students.
Who is Gold Lance?
Gold Lance Class Rings was founded in the early 1970's and called Houston home until 1997. Gold Lance was known throughout the Industry as a manufacturer of high quality fashion jewelry and class rings. Gold Lance was the first company to introduce diamonds into its class rings with "The Renaissance Collection". Primarily a regional manufacturer in the early years, the company has expanded its distribution nationally. All Gold Lance class rings are still manufactured in the state of Texas. As ownership and production changed over the years, the values, mission and dedication to quality has remained constant since the Company's inception in the early 70's.
What's one-piece die induction?
ArtCarved class rings are famous for their superior detailing, outstanding beauty and exceptional durability. ArtCarved introduced the one-piece die induction process to the class ring industry. One-piece die induction is a casting process which offers several benefits: rings are more durable, have a more uniform surface, and are precisely aligned and have a greater depth of detail.
How does the die induction work?
Three stages of vacuum produce a solid, beautifully detailed ring. A major advantage of our die induction casting is that it involves these stages of vacuum:
  • Stage 1: Preparation of wax model: Here a vacuum is used to force the wax into the induction die, assuring a wax ring of the finest detail.
  • Stage 2: Preparation of the plaster mold: A plaster of paris solution is poured around the wax ring, again using a vacuum to eliminate porosity and retain fineness of detail. When this plaster mold is heated, the wax "lost." The cavity left by the wax is then ready for casting.
  • Stage 3: Casting the metal: Here a vacuum is used to force the molten metal into all parts of the mold, creating a uniformly strong, richly detailed ring.
Where are these class rings made?
Each high school class ring is made in Austin, TX or Denton, TX, by expert craftsmen.
How many steps are required to make a class ring?
More than 40 hand-executed finishing steps make our class rings look lustrous and beautiful. From hand-setting each st one, to a variety of special polishing and buffeting techniques, the many painstaking finishing operations that go into every student's class ring are further demonstrations of ArtCarved's commitment to excellence.
What repairs are covered under ArtCarved's warranty?
No charge repairs are:
  • Any repairs or remakes necessary due to manufacturing errors or defects in quality discovered upon receipt of the ring will be corrected at no charge to the customer.
  • Resizing is FREE as long as the new size is within 2 ring sizes of the original ring. For example, a size 10 is sent back to be an 8. This resizing is no charge. If sized up or down more than 2 sizes, an $85 remake fee is required.
  • Refinishing (from normal daily wear)
  • Repair encrusting only
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Change school colors
  • Antiquing touch-up
  • Replacement of broken simulated stones (including any special stone features)
  • Change engraving
  • Change year date
Remember, your ArtCarved Class Ring full lifetime warranty is not valid if work performed on the ring outside the factory goees beyond our in-store repair program guidelines. 

$25 Charge
  • Change simulated stone color

$45 Charge
  • Change any special stone feature

$30 Charge
  • Remake to different features: Change school name, personal name, activity, mascot
  • Replace birthstone with Cubic Zirconia or Diamond (plus current cost of Cubic Zirconia or Diamond)
  • Remake of damaged ring to same specifications
  • Remake Siladium® to gold (plus difference between Siladium and gold ring at current non-promotional nets)
  • Remake white gold to yellow gold
  • Remake yellow gold to white gold
  • Remake to new style (plus difference in style cost, if new style is more expensive at current non-promotional nets)
  • Remake to different metal (plus difference in price)
  • Remove or add antiquing

Premium Stone Replacement
  • Premium stones, diamonds and Cubic Zirconia, if lost or broken, will be replaced at current market value
Where do I send a ring in for repairs?
For ArtCarved class rings:
Please contact ArtCarved directly at 1-800-531-5055: 

Repair Department 
P.O. Box 149056 
Austin, TX 78714-9056 

For UPS deliveries, use: 
Repair Department 
7211 Circle S Road
Austin, TX 78745


When should I expect the ring?
Each personalized class ring requires between four to six weeks for manufacturing. The shipping method you choose for the ring determines the delivery time. We offer Overnight delivery, 2nd Day Delivery, and Ground Delivery (3 to 7 days). As soon as the ring ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation at the email address you provided for the purchase.
Where can rings be sent?
We're pleased to ship to every address in the U.S.A., Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada. We also ship to military APO & FPO addresses. Sorry, we do not ship overseas. If you live outside these areas, we recommend that you use a parcel forwarding service to receive your merchandise. Sorry, we CANNOT ship to P.O. Boxes in the U.S.A.
May I pay extra for rush orders?
No. All rings require an estimated four to six weeks tme for manufacturing. In some cases rings are shipped as quickly as two weeks, but we cannot guarantee manufacturing will require less time than four weeks.
The ring isn't here and it's been more than six weeks. What can I do?
Contact us Immediently!
Which rings offer diamond dates?
Diamond Dates
Diamond dates are available on ArtCarved class rings in Silver Select, 10kt, 14kt and 18kt gold in select styles below. Diamond dates are two accent diamonds for the graduation year. The upgrade fee for diamond dates is $50.00 per ring.

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010


  • Boy's Champion
  • Boy's Elite
  • Boy's Intrepid
  • Boy's Medalist
  • Boy's Triumph


  • Girls' Celebrity
  • Girls' Elite
  • Girls' Stylist
Can I get the same activity on a Crestline ring as on a Designer ring?
Activities are not interchangeable between ring styles; however, in most cases you can get an activity that looks very similar.
What if my school mascot is not pictured on the website?
Chances are we have your school's mascot -- we have hundreds available and have posted the most popular. Our artists and designers have interpreted each with bold depth and detail. Please contact us contact us to special order your mascot.
Can the Crestline rings get a mascot design?
Yes, we now offer over 30 of our top selling mascots on our Crestline series (with the exception of the Remembrance ring).
Do I have to order school colors on my ring?
No. On activities that require school colors, you may select alternate colors.
Why can't I have more letters on my side personalization?
Our products have been designed to provide the most attractive look possible. The letter limit ensures your ring looks great.
How big are the stones?
Men's large (Medalist, Patriot, Triumph) 12mm x 10mm

Men's medium (Champion and Intrepid) 11mm x 9mm

Ladies' large (Stylist and Celebrity) 8mm x 6mm. Stylist and Celebrity measure 12mm across the widest top measurement [shank plus stone along longest axis of the stone]. Shank is 3mm at thinnest point.

Ladies' medium (Patriot) 7mm x 5mm.

Ladies' small (Petite and Minuet) 6mm x 4mm. Petite and Minuet measure 9mm across the widest top measurement [shank plus stone along longest axis of the stone]. Shank is 2mm at thinnest point.

What is the astralight stone effect?
Astralight is available on both smooth and faceted stones. Astralight is a special effect under the stone that gives the illusion of a rainbow beneath the stone.
What is the sundance stone effect?
Sundance is available on both smooth and faceted stones. Sundance is a special effect under the stone that gives the illusion of rays beneath the stone.
What is an encrusting?
This special option is a rich 10K white or yellow gold that is deeply embedded into the top of your stone. You have the option of choosing a symbol or a personal letter. TIP: Encrustings look best on dark stones.
How big are the stones in the Boys' Genii bezel?
There are 12 diamonds in the bezel. Each diamond is 5pt [5/100 CT]
How big are the stones in the Girls' Alecto bezel?
There are 10 diamonds in the bezel. Each diamond is 1.5pt [1.5/100 CT]
Why can't Petite and Minuet rings have a design under the stone or an encrusting?
The size of the stone [6mm x 4mm] is simply too small to view the details of the designs we offer. For this reason, design under the stone nor the encrusting option is available.
Which rings can be ordered without a crest design?
The ArtCarved Accolade, Heirloom, Legacy, and Ovation rings are available without crests. The Gold Lance Dunkirk and Primrose class rings must always be ordered with a crest.
Are stone options other than what is listed on this website available on class rings?
No. Please refer to the ordering page to determine what is available for your choice of ring.
Can I order a diamond / cubic zirconia panel without a stone?
No. All of our diamond / cubic zirconia tops are only available with stones.
What is the ArtCarved Lifetime Warranty?
Your ArtCarved® class ring is designed and crafted to exacting quality standards. ArtCarved® provides a full warranty for the life of your ring against any imperfection in design, workmanship or materials. Any ring not meeting these standards will be repaired or replaced with identical specifications without charge. Lost or broken premium stones and diamonds will be repalced at current market value. 

In addition to this Full Lifetime Warranty, ArtCarved® class rings provides these special benefits for the life of your ring: 


  • Resizing will be performed without charge as long as the new size is within 2 ring sizes of the original ring. For example, a size 10 is sent back to be an 8. This resizing is no charge. If sized up or down more than 2 sizes, an $85 remake fee is required.
  • Simulated stones that are defective or broken will be replaced without charge. 
  • Cleaning and refinishing will be performed without charge. 
  • Your class ring year date (should your graduation date change) will be changed without charge. 
  • Your may exchange your 10Kt, 14Kt or 18 Kt Gold ArtCarved® high school class ring for credit toward the price of a new ArtCarved® college ring at the time. The exchange amount will be gold salvage value based upon the price of gold at the time of your new purchase

ArtCarved P.A.L.S. Replacement Agreement
Updated October 23, 2012

If you purchased an ArtCarved's Protection Against Loss or Stolen (P.A.L.S.) Replacement Agreement, the ArtCarved high school class ring (jewelry) is protected against loss or theft for a period of four (4) years from the date of purchase. If a ring (jewelry) is lost or stolen, ArtCarved will replace the jewelry. This plan is limited to a single replacement of the original jewelry during the four year period. This P.A.L.S. Agreement excludes diamonds and Championship Rings.

The P.A.L.S. agreement fee is $15.00 for non-gold rings, and $25.00 for gold rings.

If your ring is lost, stolen or damaged, ArtCarved will replace the ring subject to a processing charge ($50.00 for non-gold rings, $225.00 for gold rings) based on the metal in which your ring was created. Premium stones and diamonds can be replaced at current market price. Customers are responsible for all fees, taxes, shipping and handling associated with this claim.

Requirements for replacement: 

  1. P.A.L.S. Agreement/Warranty Card
  2. Original Invoice
  3. Specs for replacement ring must be identical to original jewelry: stone, date, curriculum, school, and all other options
  4. Request for replacement must be made within 45 days from date of loss
  5. Police Report Number (as applicable)
  6. Explanation of circumstances of loss

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