What are NSCD Diamonds?


The NSCD Simulated Diamond vs. CZ and Moissanite 


1)  Our NSCD Simulated Diamonds are different from inexpensive CZ and Moissanite in several ways. These differences result in a superior diamond simulant that better resembles the qualities of a natural diamond.

 2)  PORT CITY JEWELERS offers the best quality NSCD Simulated Diamonds.  We are the original supplier of the NSCD Brand!  Do not be fooled by sellers on eBay or Amazon that claim they are selling NSCD Simulated Diamonds.  You will not receive the NSCD Certificate and the ring will be different than what is described.  Trust us we have tested it!

3)  We have an exclusive vendor relationship with the NSCD brand!

4)  We have been very successful in shutting down sellers impersonating our brand online.  These sellers are using our images, descriptions and even using our business name.  We do appreciate the free marketing but we also know that these sellers online are not selling real NSCD simulated diamonds.  

Why should I buy NSCD?

 1) NSCD Simulated Diamonds are GREAT FOR ANYONE on a budget that wants their dream ring but just cannot quite afford real diamonds.

 2) NSCD Simulated Diamonds are great for keeping your expensive engagement ring at home while you travel abroad!

 3) Are you tired of your original engagement ring?  NSCD Simulated Diamonds lets you change your ring out in-expensively compared to diamonds.

 4) NSCD Simulated Diamonds are easy to clean.  Just use a little Dawn and water with a soft old tooth brush!  This great for any of your semi precious or precious stones.

5) We even custom design NSCD enagement rings in just about any style, metal or stone cut you can imagine.


One of our NSCD Simulated Diamond Rings:

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Take a look at our custom made NSCD Simulated Diamond selection!  

Do you have a dream ring that you have been diying to own but just cannot affort it?  Let us make it for you in NSCD Simulated Diamonds!  We can do just about any design you can dream up!

Since we are the exclusive supplier of the NSCD brand we can get just about any stone offered.  Then we will create your masterpiece in our shop.


Metal Choices: 


Our Sterling Silver .950 is alloyed with paladium!  This locks in the color of the silver to prevent tarnish and creates durability in our settings.  Our silver is so easy to clean!  Any jewelers cloth will effectively polish your silver to new condition.  During the life of your ring you will however may want to have a professional jeweler buff out your ring.  This can be done at any location.  We will be more than happy to take care of this for you as well for a $25.00 fee.  

Also Available in 14K White or Yellow Gold!





We will create a JCAD Computer Drawing based off our conversation or your image you send for approval first.  Once approved we will then begin production on your dream ring!

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The NSCD Simulated Diamond:

What is a NSCD Simulated Diamond?

The American Gem Trade Association defines a Diamond Simulant as: “A man-made single crystal, which can be manufactured with different materials and designed to simulate the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of a natural gemstone.”
  There are several brand names of Simulated Diamonds in the market today. Each one having its own claims on how they simulate a real diamond. Regardless if you use Silicon Carbide, Zirconium Oxide, Aluminum Oxide or any other material as the basis to form the crystals, because they are not natural occurring stones, they are all considered “ Simulated Diamonds”.


The NSCD Simulated Diamond

Natural Diamonds attribute their colored hues to imperfections within the stone and their value is directly dependent upon the clarity, color, carat weight and cut quality of the stone. NSCD Simulated Diamonds are carefully crafted to be nearly flawless and colorless in every way. They are cut and faceted to achieve maximum brilliance without any imperfections; they resemble the same optical characteristics, and can be shaped into all the same styles as natural diamonds.  The only difference in many experts’ opinions is the price. For the same clarity, cut, color and carat of a natural diamond that would fetch thousands of dollars, our simulated diamond of VVS1 quality rating are just a mere fraction of the cost.
  Because of their superior quality, the NSCD Diamond is regarded as the Premier Simulated Diamond in the world.


How are NSCD Simulated Diamonds Made?

A Diamond Simulant is manufactured with a process called the “skull melt” in which the materials heat up from the inside outwards. The outside remains relatively cool while the inside melts, forming its own outer crust or “skull”. Only with extreme heat is the “preferred cube form” obtained and a metal oxide stabilizer is added to the process to ensure isometric cubic crystals. When the heat is switched off, the product then cools under rigidly controlled conditions and hardens.  NSCD Simulated Diamonds are scaled an 8-8.2 on the Mohs hardness scale.  As it hardens, the solid crystals are formed. Because they are made in a controlled environment, the crystals are also perfect in structure, without feathers or inclusions and since they are solid and not composed of layers, they are almost as hard as a natural diamond (8-8.2 on the Mohs Scale).  Due to their hardness and clarity the crystals can be cut using the same proportions used in cutting fine diamonds. Faceting too, is intensive and precise, creating facets and mimicking the brilliance of diamonds.


The brilliance and hardness of our finished crystals can vary slightly, so measurements for color, hardness and gravity are given in ranges.


Color: D – F: (on the diamond scale)

Hardness: 8-8.2 (Mohs hardness scale)

Specific Gravity: (5.8 – 6.0)

Crystal Form: (Isometric)

Refractive Index: (2.20)

Dispersion: (0.056)


The NSCD Difference

The faceting and polishing is the most crucial aspect of any stone. Here is where you get the different qualities. The amount and precision of facets is what determines the different qualities of diamond simulants. The fire and sparkle can only be achieved by the amount of light that refracts from within, and this can only be achieved by the faceting and polishing. That’s why the NSCD Simulated Diamond is one of the Most Brilliant Simulated Diamonds.  



Cubic Zirconia

The main difference is that an inexpensive CZ is a much softer and porous stone, thus making it very susceptible to chipping and scratching. CZ absorbs dirt and oils and becomes milky and cloudy in a short period of time and eventually it will appear yellowish and looses its fire and ability to disperse light. CZs are usually faceted in an attempt to mimic the natural brilliance of a diamond, but because of their softness, the faceting is very rounded, not sharp and crisp. The typical Cubic Zirconia is a very short-lived stone and mainly used for inexpensive fashion jewelry.



While Moissanite is beautiful in its own right, it is made of silicon carbide and unlike a diamond; it has a different crystal structure and refractive index. Its structure is hexagonal instead of cubic, which causes the stone to produce double refraction. For this reason, Moissanite stones are cut along the optic axis of the crystal to different proportions and faceting than those used in a natural diamond as to minimize the effects. 

In addition, Moissanite's higher index of refraction (brilliance) and much greater dispersion (fire) than either a diamond or a simulant, give the Moissanite stone a peculiar look. Where the best quality diamonds and diamond simulants are virtually colorless, a Moissanite stone has a slight yellow hue that is very noticeable in indoor lighting. 

Port City Jewelers is a certified retailer of the Charles & Colvard Moissanite Brand.  We soure all our moissanite from authorized Charles & Colvard Moissanite Suppliers in the US!  Port City Jewelers strongly suggest only buying from a trusted source of Charles & Colvard Retailers.  We offer many different loose moissanite stones, jewelry and bridal pieces made from Charles & Colvard.  See our entire selection on our stie.








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